Why, Dr Beverly…

Upgrade everything, they said. Make it all dynamic, they said. Actually, they didn’t. But we decided to anyway 😀

Right, so out of the box, Unity’s animation system is great, but it’s not much for being dynamic. Also, for some reason the physics system doesn’t like scaling Rigidbodys… oh wait, maybe the clue is in the name there. Okie, nevermind. We made our own animation system to scale Rigidbodys AND to fully transfer the physical movement to any Player or Clownling that happens to catch it a glancing blow. But… if you got caught in a crusher or a cell door, that object would just keep moving, right through you. Not very dynamic. Not quite so immersive.

And now…?

Ok, so we’ve had to lose the ability to scale Rigidbodys, but that’s cool. I think for now we’ll stop just short of rewriting Unity’s inbuilt physics engine thank you very much. Frankly, haven’t got time! But what we’ve now got is this…


A fully dynamic system, in this case a Crusher. (Thank you Dr Beverly!) You can get stuck between the plates, the piston will keep trying to crush you, but significantly, the animation wont try to move through you! You can escape if you can apply enough force. You can bump the piston, and even (before we decided to forbid it) actually push the piston out of it’s housing and completely break the machine.

Did I mention the vibrating of the pipes and the smoke from the chimney…. mmm, it’s the little touches 🙂

Here’s to physics (ahem, of a sort). Here’s to immersion and keeping the world as real as possible both on screen and in the mind of the player!