All Change Please

Wow, so it’s been a while, and what great changes! Bonkers Bounce goes from strength to strength with a whole new look and several brand new game-play elements. Most notably, the Taxi ability now allows you to pick up stray Clownlings and ferry them straight to the exit – provided you have enough seats.

There’s also a brand new Inventory feature that lets you organise and utilise items you might pick up in the game, including your taxi licenses (1 per taxi seat), keys, sweets and various upcoming items too.

Literally can’t wait until you’ve picked up 10 licenses and can do the old “how-many-Clownlings-can-we-fit-in-a-Clown-Car” trick…



So the new look and new features have meant we’ll be almost completely redesign the 20 or so levels we had already done, but it’s all worth it – play tests so far suggest these new features are proper keepers 😀

Many many much much things left to do so release date still uncertain. Possibly somewhere around April, May for first roll-out… although if you wish to join the Android test over the next few weeks, leave a comment below or use the contact form stating your google account email address.