More Bonkers

Wow, it’s been busy busy busy here at Tweenius HQ. We use the “Organic Development” model perhaps a little to the extreme, meaning development takes a little longer but results are usually well worth it!

Initial rounds of playtesting for Bonkers Bounce went very extremely uber duper well, so we have 20 levels up and running with literally oodles more ideas to go. We’ve decided to release with just those first 20 levels for now. Android only to start with, moving to Apple shortly after and maybe Steam if it’s looking like a good move. Release date to be confirmed but probably not much more than another month now! Mucho Excitedo!
Probably not going to put adverts in our first release so instead we’ll be adding the option to buy early access to a second set of levels as come out of the┬álevel grinding machine. Gotta pay for development somehow!

Here’s a little clip to whet your appetite…