A little something while we wait

Yeah, yeah, it’s all fun and games until someone says “hey why aren’t the graphics better?” and you go “well, duh! they’re just test graphics” whilst secretly grinding your teeth down to stumps. Okay, I’ve been writing games for 20 ish years and I’ve done practically zero 3D graphics in all that time. And for my technically fantastic Turn-Based-Space-Strategy-Game, which shall remain nameless (because it hasn’t got a name yet), I know the graphics need something nice. So I’ve been looking around for a local 3D artist (so we can meet up in person) without much luck. To be fair I know I will just have to look further afield. But in the meantime…

Yup, I started on another game. Something that didn’t require a huge amount of intricate 3D modelling. In fact, my time spent on it has taught me a fair bit, so all good 🙂 And even better, it’s practically ready to publish – except I need a bunch more levels, but that’s the easy part 🙂 🙂

Without further waffle, World, meet “BONKERS BOUNCE”